• we monitor your IT

    Your professional online consultant for IT monitoring and instant online user support

Online monitoring of the IT infrastructure
of small and medium-sized enterprises


We analyze your IT for the use of our online monitoring software


Cost-saving through automated online installation on your IT systems


.. your productivity. Our system alerts in time for upcoming maintenance

Immediate help

..Users can request immediate help with problems. We take care of this!

4 easy steps to success.
The process is quite simple

1.) We talk about your business

In an online conference, we will clarify your personal requirements. We install a toolbox that automatically records your IT environment and sends it to us for evaluation.

2.) We crunch the numbers

Based on the data available to us, we will make you an offer to implement our system in your IT environment

3.) You get a list of improvements

According to our analysis, in a few cases some adjustments in your IT must be made. We can do this for you in an online session.

This guarantees faultless operation of our monitoring solution

4.) We let the journey beginn

Cost savings through our IT monitoring solution. We recognize online when PC and server systems need servicing, parts need replacing in the near future, or software updates need to be installed.

This allows your IT technician to take care of the essential tasks on site.

The rest is provided by our team online at an unbeatable price.

A little bit about us
and our work


  • Our service is aimed at customers in German and English speaking countries with a workforce of more than 20 computer workstations
  • Our software tools come from reputable software companies, which we select and install depending on the customer’s needs.
  • Our service is provided purely online. This saves time and costs
  • We have more than 200 satisfied customer references

Some of our partners

  • paessler.com PRTG
  • solarwinds RMM
  • Soft1 Cloud ERP
  • SysAid
  • EventSentry Network Monitoring
  • Teamviewer for local desktops

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